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Hengtong Cable Australia Wins the Supply of Yarranlea Solar Farm

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Hengtong Cable Australia will supply all the cables and harnesses to Risen Energy Australia for the Yarranlea Solar Farm. This will comprise of 23km of 33kV, 100km of LV Cable, 15km of Fibre, 272km of D.C Sub-array Cable and 1,308 Array Harnesses. All products are made in Hengtong facilities.

Yarranlea Solar Farm will be developed in four stages on up to 250Ha of sparsely vegetated farmland approximately 50km west of Toowoomba. Once completed the project will have a generation capacity of up to 100MW, producing enough energy to power up to 32,000 homes. The project will connect to the power grid using the existing Ergon Energy infrastructure, located adjacent to the development site. This will allow transmission of power into Toowoomba via the Middle Ridge Bulk Supply Substation.

Yarranlea Solar farm will use the latest PV panel technology and integrated battery storage to allow it to supply power to the grid during periods of peak demand. The completed facility will have an operating life of 30 years, with the option for extensions. At the end of the facilities useful operating life, all physical infrastructure will be decommissioned, and the land returned to its former agricultural use.