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Hengtong Secures Supply to the Waratah Super Battery

2023.06.29 316 Font size:

Hengtong Cable Australia (HCA) has secured the supply of 35km of 33kV and 80km of flexible DC cable to Consolidated Power Projects.


Akaysha Energy is responsible for the construction of a BESS located at the former Munmorah coal-fired power station that is capable of providing a guaranteed continuous active power capacity of at least 700 MW and a guaranteed useable energy storage capacity of at least 1400 MWh for the purposes of providing the SIPS Service.


The physical size of the of BESS is expected to be 850 MW / 1680 MWh which is understood to one of the largest committed BESSs in the world, both in terms of power and energy storage capacity. This oversizing of the BESS allows for degradation of the battery over time to ensure security of supply. It also allows Akaysha Energy to utilise the excess capacity to tap into additional revenue streams, putting downward pressure on the cost of the SIPS Service provided to NSW consumers.