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IBG Awards Outstanding Teams and Staff

2021.02.08 31 Font size:

On February 6, Hengtong International Business Group held a conference to award outstanding teams and staff, and reviewed the work of the past year 2020. 

As a yearly practice, this conference aims to acknowledge contributions made by diligent workers and encourage other people to follow the good examples in the days to come. This year, 37  individuals and teams were awarded by IBG in the form of different prizes, such as Outstanding Salespersons, Outstanding Teams, Outstanding Workers, Excellent Managers, Market Innovation, Long-term Service, etc. IBG President David Tan and other senior executives presented the awards to them.

At the same time, 24 IBG individuals and teams, including many excellent counterparts working worldwide, have won Group-level awards. They’ve been conferred the prizes on previous Group-level events.

After the Awarding Ceremony, David Tan made a work report, in which he reviewed IBG’s work of the past year, highlighted both the upsides and downsides consisted therein, and mapped out the targets in the coming year.

This year’s conference, thanks to the pandemic prevention and control requirements, was scaled down, but it was impressive since the warm-up. A film named “Hengtong in 2020” made an overall review of the anti-pandemic devotion of global Hengtongers in the past year, and presented a tribute to the 30th anniversary of Hengtong Group this year.

During the conference, a poetry recitation performance and many Spring Festival greetings from overseas were played for the audience.