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Hey, You Received Postcards from Overseas Hengtongers ~

2021.02.08 27 Font size:

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Hengtong overseas industrial bases sent us e-postcards with Spring Festival greetings based on their understanding of the Chinese New Year. 

Which one do you subscribe to?

AMHT, South Africa


2020 is a critical year for AMHT's equipment installation, commissioning and production.The picture shows their optimistic, positive and hard-working attitude.


Hengtong India

The past year has also been difficult for HTIN. But our colleagues, both Chinese and Indian,  hold down the fort on the ground strenuously. In the hard times, our Indian friends sent us their best senson's wishes. Among the pictures, we see the Monkey King, a famous fictional figure in China, telling the story of the cultural exchanges between the two countries back to the Tang Dynasty.


HT CABOS, Brazil


In 2020, HT CABOS achieved "zero infection" during the whole epidemic period, avoided major losses, and the main business targets were overfulfilled. Congratulations!



Cablescom impresses us with their fast movement to aid China in the first place in 2020, and their professionalism, optimism and creativity in combating the pandemic. Cablescom and Hengtong wrote many cultural stories last year. The two cultures are communicating well in the face of common challenges, which will boost both's morale and mutual support in the days to come. 

2021 is a special year, the 50th anniversary of Cablescom and the 30th anniversary of Hengtong. Let's celebrate together.

We wish you a Happy New (Ox) Year!