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Aberdare: What it’s like when New Year meets Valentine’s Day…

2021.02.26 45 Font size:

Good things come in pairs. As the Chinese saying goes, just three days after Lunar New Year’s Eve, came St. Valentine’s Day. In Aberdare, Hengtong’s subsidiary in South Africa, a special treat was offered to Dr. Andrew Song, CEO of the company, to share the sweetness with him and with each other: Many Lindt chocolates were placed in the shape of a heart, which had a warm festival red. They shot a short video to record this gorgeous moment.

Long before the Valentine’s Day, Aberdare had been joyous already. To celebrate the Chinese New Year in coming, it had sent blessings to the headquarters in the form of greetings and dance, videos and posters. With words and deeds, they wish all colleagues a joyful, prosperous, healthy and lucky “Year of the Ox”.

The past year 2020 has been unforgettable due to the epidemics, but Hengtong maintained an orderly state. Moreover, overcoming difficulties makes us more mature and moves us toward more opportunities for future growth. Maybe the Ox is the most appropriate sign for these difficult economic times, a sign of fearlessness, diligence and dedication. 

2021 must be a wonderful year for Hengtong Group, because we will welcome some great days to remember: the 30th anniversary of Hengtong, the 50th anniversary of Cablescom, and the 75th anniversary of Aberdare as well. 


Now, Aberdare is the largest cable manufacturing company in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. The fact that a company that can stand tall into its seventies has proven that the team is united, excellent, and professional.